As part of our information and guidance program, we publish reports on completed major investigations and compliance audits.

Protecting integrity: leading the way - Managing the employment cycle of a council CEO

This report includes views from across the sector and recommendations for improvements to legislation, policies or processes that would enhance future management of the CEO employment cycle.

Managing the employment cycle of a council CEO - online version

Protecting integrity: Yarriambiack Shire Council investigation

The Inspectorate conducted a comprehensive investigation into specific allegations related to Yarriambiack Shire Council, which focused on the key topics of staff use of plant and equipment, and mismanagement of council assets including the unauthorised use or sale of council equipment, sale of land, rates recovery and corporate credit cards.

Protecting integrity: Yarriambiack Shire Council investigation report - online version

Protecting integrity: West Wimmera Shire Council examination 

In November 2018, the Inspectorate delivered a report to West Wimmera Shire Council detailing an examination into their governance arrangements and operations and the result of an investigation into specific allegations made about council activities. The council responded with a detailed action plan in January 2019, which was published on the council's website. 

West Wimmera Shire Council response to the report

2016 Wyndham City Council elections

We receive a larger number of complaints during local government elections, particularly those in municipalities with a high number of candidate nominations. There were 95 candidates running for Wyndham City Council in the October 2016 election. Community members submitted complaints about the eligibility of candidates, during and after the election. We completed an investigated and published the findings in the final report:

Central Goldfields Shire Council investigation

We completed a comprehensive report on Central Goldfields Shire Council following an investigation. The report highlights poor governance and mismanagement of key areas of responsibility within the organisation.

2016 council elections report

Our report on the 2016 council elections report highlights key election issues, challenges and outcomes from an integrity perspective.

We investigated the following in the lead-up to the elections:

  • the election period policy review
  • candidate eligibility audit and
  • campaign donation returns project

The report shows this work has contributed to reductions in:

  • substantiated complaints relating to council public resources used for campaigning
  • complaints about media outlets
  • resulted in the removal of 2 candidates from respective ballots prior to election day

During the elections:

  • 2135 candidates nominated themselves for 637 vacancies
  • 2000 enquiries and 409 formal complaints were received. Ranging from minor campaign material offences, to serious corruption allegations that would undermine the democratic system

Read the full report:

Election period policy review

We completed a review following changes to the Local Government Act 1989 (Act) in November 2015. With the inclusion of section 93B into the Act which required all councils to adopt an election period policy by 31 March 2016.

The policy helps:

  • the community understand the procedures each council will adopt during the election period to ensure the fairness of the election
  • with appropriate use of council resources 
  • prevent inappropriate decision making

The policy must be provided to all current councillors and be published on the council website.

Greater Geelong City Council Community Priorities Scheme Investigation

Review of Councillor Discretionary Funds

Election Process Review

Election Caretaker Policy

Special Committees

Reviewed 25 February 2020