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  • Understand what we can and can't investigate and check if we’re the right agency in Victoria to report this matter to.
  • Be clear on which council and person are the subjects of your allegation and have all relevant documents ready to upload to support your allegation.
  • Understand your privacy options and what happens to your complaint.
  • Remember that providing detailed, specific and relevant information on this form will allow us to effectively assess your complaint. Please set out clearly and concisely the allegations you wish to make, before providing further information or context surrounding the circumstances.
  • Be aware that there are penalties for providing false or misleading information to the Inspectorate.

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Please note: If your complaint relates to local council elections fill out our dedicated election complaint form.

Submit your election complaint

If your complaint shows that a councillor or member of council staff has engaged or proposes to engage in improper conduct, this could constitute a public interest disclosure. You can choose to have us assess the complaint if you tell us that the disclosure (your complaint) is not a public interest disclosure.

Find more information on our Public interest disclosures page.


If you wish to submit documents or images related to your complaint, please email inspectorate@lgi.vic.gov.au. Supporting evidence (such as documents and emails) plays an important role in substantiating an allegation, so please be clear on the purpose of your supplied documents and their relevance to your complaint.

The Local Government Inspectorate (Inspectorate) collects the information that you provide with this complaint form. The information that you provide is used to respond to your enquiry. You can request access to, and corrections of, any personal information provided in this form. Requests for access or correction should be sent to inspectorate@lgi.vic.gov.au.

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For more information on the Inspectorate's handling of any personal information, please refer to the Inspectorate's Privacy Statement.

If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, the Inspectorate may not be able to contact you regarding your enquiry. Please contact the Inspectorate if you wish to use an alternative mechanism to the online form.

Reviewed 08 April 2021