Spring 2022 - Local government integrity matters

Spring 2022 issue of the quarterly newsletter from the Local Government Inspectorate, featuring a candidate's guilty plea, 2 warnings issued and the retirement of Ross Millard.

25 Nov 2022

Welcome to the spring edition of our integrity matters newsletter.

Being a councillor is a privilege. It is important to remember that not everybody has the right to stand for election to represent their community. This issue starts with an article about a candidate we prosecuted who nominated as a candidate while ineligible due to prior convictions. We will hold people to account if they do not abide by Victoria’s electoral laws.

Meanwhile we formally warned 2 councillors for failing to properly submit their declaration of personal interests. Councillors must remember that they are responsible for fully complying with the personal interests returns provisions in the Local Government Act.

Western Australia is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation shake up of its local government legislation. The changes will see the creation of a new integrity body – which will be a similar model to Victoria’s Inspectorate. I travelled to Perth with a colleague to give WA councils an idea of what they can expect.

We are continuing to create new resources to help both council staff and councillors understand their obligations under the Local Government Act. Head to our website to see a range of sample policies, fact sheets, case studies and more.

And finally, it is with great sadness that I will farewell our Operations Manager, Ross Millard, who retires this month. Ross has been with the Inspectorate since it was formed and has a wealth of knowledge about the local government sector and good governance. However, while our office will lose Ross’ experience, I am very pleased to hand him back to his family to enjoy what matters most. Thank you, Ross, for your many years of dedicated services to the Inspectorate and the local government sector.

Michael Stefanovic AM
Chief Municipal Inspector