About the Local Government Inspectorate

We’re an independent agency that ensures Victorian councils follow the Local Government Act 2020. Dr John Lynch is the acting Chief Municipal Inspector and head of the Inspectorate.

We’re responsible for making sure Victorian councils follow the Local Government Act 2020.

As part of our role, we:

  • accept and investigate complaints about council operations, including councillors and council staff
  • monitor governance and compliance with the Act
  • provide guidance and education for councils
  • encourage transparency and accountability across the sector

The Chief Municipal Inspector

Dr John Lynch is the Chief Municipal Inspector and head of the Inspectorate. Find out more about John and his role.

Make a complaint

If you have a concern about a local councillor, council staff member or election matter, you can:

Freedom of Information request

You can request access to public data held by the Local Government Inspectorate. Find out how to make a request on our Freedom of Information page.

Reviewed 21 October 2020