Winter 2020 - Local government integrity matters

July 2020

Welcome to our winter 2020 edition of integrity matters. In this edition, we look at issues such as how complaints data can inform our elections work, the rules around disclosing confidential information to my office and mandatory candidate training.

Dealing with COVID-19 continues to prove challenging and my team wishes to repeat our appreciation for the understanding and assistance from the sector as we proceed with our investigations, examinations and complaints assessment. Complaints and enquiries can continue to be made through our website and by email, as a preferred option to mail or phone enquiries.

I am pleased to welcome the new Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Shaun Leane MLC, who was appointed following changes to Cabinet in May. We look forward to discussing the local government sector and our work with the Minister.

Also following the machinery of government changes this year, the Inspectorate is now under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General, rather than the Special Minister of State. This will not alter our independence from government or our commitment to providing advice and recommendations to improve the local government sector in Victoria.

While I anticipated being in the acting CMI role for a limited period, the disruption to the recruitment process for the ongoing position due to COVID-19 has extended my stay in the role. The role was recently advertised and the Department of Justice and Community Safety is currently going through a recruitment process. We will keep you advised of further developments.

Dr John Lynch PSM

Acting Chief Municipal Inspector

Reviewed 31 July 2020