The Chief Municipal Inspector - Local Government Inspectorate

David Wolf is the Chief Municipal Inspector and head of the Inspectorate. David has power to investigate breaches and offences under the Local Government Act.

David is the Chief Municipal Inspector (CMI) and head of the Inspectorate. He’s accountable to the Special Minister of State and provides reports and recommendations to councils and government.

The CMI’s functions and powers are set out in the Local Government Act 1989 (Act) and include:

  • investigating council operations
  • council elections
  • prosecuting anyone in breach of the Act

The CMI can delegate functions and powers to Inspectors of Municipal Administration, including the ability to:

  • investigate and prosecute any possible offences under the Act
  • examine any possible breaches of the Act
  • investigate any allegations of misconduct, serious misconduct and gross misconduct by a councillor
  • apply to a Councillor Conduct Panel to make a finding of serious misconduct against a councillor
  • make an application to VCAT for a finding of gross misconduct by a councillor

About David

David Wolf

David led the inspectorate from its beginning in 2009, until 2013. He returned to the role in 2016 and has extensive knowledge and understanding of this tier of government. He has a broad regulatory and communications background with previous management experience and executive roles in media, corporate communications and industry regulation.

David also holds executive positions with incorporated community organisations and is an Executive Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government.

Reviewed 25 November 2019

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