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Submit an online complaint if you have a concern related to any council elections in Victoria.

Before you complete this form

  • Understand what we can and can't investigate.
  • Be clear which council and person are the subjects of your allegation. See the Know Your Council website if you don't know which council your complaint relates to.
  • Understand your privacy options.
  • Please be aware that there are penalties for providing false or misleading information to the Inspectorate.

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Here's an example: Candidate Mary Smith called me on the telephone and offered me $50 in exchange for my vote. 
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We understand that you may feel distressed, angry or frustrated about what happened. Focusing on the facts, explaining events clearly and keeping your complaint concise means we will be able to understand and assess it as quickly as possible. If there are multiple allegations, please number them. 
If we need them we will ask you for them later.

If your complaint shows that a councillor or member of council staff has engaged or proposes to engage in improper conduct, this could constitute a public interest disclosure. You can choose to have us assess the complaint if you tell us that the disclosure (your complaint) is not a public interest disclosure.

Find more information on our Public interest disclosures page(opens in a new window).

As there is a legislative requirement under the PID Act to opt in or out of making a public interest disclosure, please type one of these statements into the text box below:
  • "This disclosure is not a public interest disclosure".
  • "I wish this to be considered as a public interest disclosure".

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