Alternative arrangements due to COVID-19 pandemic

Inspectorate staff will continue to be available during the COVID-19 pandemic but will be forwarding all calls from office landlines. If you have issues getting in contact by phone, please email them directly or contact inspectorate@lgi.vic.gov.au

Thank you for your understanding.

If you require information on council processes and procedures during the pandemic, please visit the Local Government Victoria website.

What we do

We investigate concerns about councillors, council staff or elections. In particular:

  • misuse of position (section 123 of the Local Government Act 2020) by a councillor
  • conflict of interest (from section 127-131 of the Act) by a councillor, senior council employee or person providing advice to council
  • disclosure of confidential information (section 125)
  • all council election offences including nomination of someone not qualified to be a council election candidate (sections 286-305)

We generally do not investigate complaints about:

  • planning and building permits
  • council services
  • performance of council staff, unless related to offences under the Act
  • council decisions, unless there is a possible conflict of interest
  • council fines
  • rates charges

See the table below for options if your complaint relates to these issues.

To report a concern, you can lodge an online submission using our new complaint form. Please note we are currently testing this form and are welcoming feedback .

Submit your complaint - new test form

If you have any feedback on the content or layout, please fill out our brief survey. Thank you for helping us improve our complaints process.

Our previous submission form will also be available until testing of the new version is complete. If there are issues with the new form, please use this version below.

Submit your complaint - previous format

Find common complaints on our Case studies page.

Our complaints process

Once we receive a complaint, it will be assessed to determine if it is a matter we will look into.

We’ll aim to notify you of the outcome of the assessment within 5 working days.

If we do investigate a matter, it may not start immediately due to other cases being investigated and resource constraints. Investigations can take significant time to complete.

Once the investigation has been completed, you’ll be notified of the outcome.

Types of complaints and who to contact

Council services

If you have a complaint about a council service, it’s best to solve it with your council first. Your council has a complaints process you can use. Find your local Council.

Council administration

For complaints about decisions made by a council, government departments and agencies, including:

  • services
  • communication
  • complaint handling
  • compliance with policies, procedures or law
  • other actions or decisions that might be unreasonable

Contact the Victorian Ombudsman:

Complaints about us

If you’d like to raise a concern about us, you can request a review by emailing the Operations Manager.

Please include:

  • reason you’re not satisfied
  • any supporting evidence

If you have a complaint about a staff member from our team, please email the Chief Municipal Inspector.

If the complaint relates to an administrative decision or function of the Inspectorate, a complaint can be lodged with Ombudsman Victoria.

Other complaints we’re unable to investigate

Type of complaint Who can help

Police misconduct

For complaints about corruption and misconduct in the public sector and Victoria Police, including:

  • taking or offering bribes
  • using a position of influence dishonestly
  • fraud or theft
  • misusing workplace information
Misconduct in the public sector (apart from the items listed above) IBAC
Administrative actions of state government agencies and councils Victorian Ombudsman
Traffic fines (including speeding tickets, red lights and tolls)
Legal services (including lawyers) Legal Services Commissioner
Health services Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
Health Complaints Commissioner
Privacy concerns about how Victorian Government collects and uses information Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
Court decisions The Chief Justice of the relevant court

Integrity system, including complaints about:

  • IBAC
  • the Chief Examiner and Examiners
  • Victorian Ombudsman and Ombudsman officers
  • Auditor General and VAGO officers
Victorian Inspectorate

More information and downloads

Integrity agencies and what they do - online version

Reviewed 03 April 2020