Governance resources available

The Inspectorate has continued to publish more resources for councils on our website to help local government comply with their obligations under the Local Government Act.

The 'Resources for councils' section on our website is a one-stop-shop for councillors and council staff to get help in better understanding their obligations under the Act. We have continued to build this section throughout the year.

This month, we have been working on developing a bank of sample policies. These policies come from regional and metropolitan councils and cover a range of topics, including procurement, council expenses and councillor staff interactions.

We also have fact sheets available to help councillors:

You can also find out more about our powers and responsibilities.

We produce reports on our investigations and governance reviews and the 'Resources for councils' section contains summaries of our key reports. These summaries are designed to make it easier for staff and councillors to understand the key points of our reports.

Our fact sheets and report summaries can be read online or downloaded into an easy-to-read printable format.

We also have case studies on our investigations and on local government compliance.

CMI Michael Stefanovic AM said: “Our website has a range of information which can support council staff to better understand the requirements of the Local Government Act. I would strongly urge council officers and councillors to visit our website and use the resources we have provided.”