Proactive examinations of Victorian councils

We conduct examinations to assess Victorian local councils and their compliance with the Local Government Act 2020. We also use examinations to make recommendations for future improvements.

The examination program gives council staff skills to improve compliance, best practice and transparency in governance.

About the examination program

The program aims to:

  • provide an independent assessment of key council practices
  • review the effectiveness and efficiency of selected governance processes
  • assist councils to achieve clear and transparent governance, mitigating the risk of possible breaches of the Act

The examination process

Our team will contact Council’s Governance team to schedule an audit.

An initial meeting will take place with the CEO where issues or concerns are raised.

Council will be provided with a list of items to prepare for the review.

Once completed, a report will be provided to the council outlining the findings, in particular highlighting areas identified as requiring improvement.

The Inspectorate regularly publishes reports highlighting learnings and best practice examples from its examinations of Victorian councils. 

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Reviewed 03 April 2020

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