Recommendations - 2020 election report


  1. Section 69 of Local Government Act 2020 should be amended to require councils to adopt a caretaker or election period policy, which: is based on the model election period policy prepared by Local Government Victoria, and incorporates flexible election period policies which allows for misinformation to be corrected.
  2. Regulation 24 of the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations be amended to require candidates to provide a financial records check providing proof of no current or past bankruptcies, a police clearance certificate and a 100-point identification check when nominating for election.
  3. The Local Government Inspectorate consult with the VEC and have input into the electoral candidate handbook to ensure candidates receive simple information about the rules and laws candidates need to follow; how election material should be authorised; what constitutes misleading and deceptive matter; and the Inspectorate’s role in electoral matters.
  4. Updating of the definition of ‘electoral material’ in section 3(1) to encompass social media and other forms of electronic communication.
  5. Section 287 of the Act should be amended to incorporate social media and other forms of electronic communication.
  6. The Act should be amended to include clause 338 of the Local Government Bill 2019 to streamline the submission of campaign donation returns and improve transparency.
  7. The Local Government Inspectorate should be resourced to adequately manage and scrutinise the campaign donation returns process.
  8. The Act should be amended to give the Chief Municipal Inspector specific power to issue infringement notices.