Managing electoral integrity during COVID

What was expected to be a brief period away from our office has expanded to more than six months working remotely. Nevertheless, LGI has been able to continue preparations for the coming elections and has implemented several innovations to ensure our obligations under the Local Government Act 2020 are fulfilled.

There have been significant digital hardware improvements across the organisation and new secure communication and collaboration tools have been implemented to safeguard business continuity through this critical period. 

Despite these steps forward, some issues have unfortunately arisen, and your patience has been appreciated while we rectify them. Chief among these has been our telephone complaints service which was unavailable for several days. We are already in the process of correcting this issue and wish to highlight that it is important all complaints are captured and evaluated. 

Should anything prevent you from lodging your complaint via your preferred method, please consider one of the alternatives, including:

A woman looking at the online election complaint form on an iPad