Mandatory campaign donation returns

While candidates’ focus is understandably on election day, there are important processes that are required to ensure integrity and transparency in the weeks that follow.

All candidates in Victorian Council Elections are required to submit a record of any donations or gifts valued at over $500 (aggregate or individually), including in-kind support or gifts in the form of services, for their election campaign. This applies to all candidates, irrespective of whether they receive any donations or gifts, or whether they were elected. It also covers a wide period as all donations or gifts that were above the threshold and received from 30 days after the previous election to 30 days after the current election must be declared.

For most candidates this is 20 November 2016 - 23 November 2020 but please check with the CEO of the council for which you nominated.

A person's hands signing papers

The required donation return form is included in the Victorian Electoral Commission’s 2020 local council elections candidate information kit and must be returned to the CEO of the council.