What we do

What we do

The Local Government Inspectorate is a dedicated integrity agency for local government in Victoria and has the remit to investigate offences and breaches under the Local Government Act or examine any matter relating to a council or council operations.

The Inspectorate’s work can be categorised under 3 main themes – responding to community need (reactive), ensuring compliance (proactive), and our guidance and education function. Reactive work includes responding to requests for information and enquiries, assessing complaints, conducting investigations and in some cases, prosecutions. Proactive work includes specific council governance examinations and reviews of systemic or thematic issues across the sector. Our guidance and education to the sector is generated by our reactive and proactive work outcomes and includes newsletters, presentations, reports and other communication tools.

The Victorian public sector provides vital community services and facilities that support Victorians. Every day, public sector employees in government departments, agencies and local councils make decisions that affect all Victorians. The community expects people working in the public sector to perform their duties fairly and honestly. When misconduct or corrupt activities are not identified or left unchecked, public money and resources are wasted. Misconduct and corruption undermine trust in government and damage the reputation of the public sector.

The Victorian integrity system exists so Victorians can have confidence in the state’s public sector. Corruption in councils, government departments and agencies can negatively impact broader communities. Public sector corruption can occur when a public sector employee misuses their position or power for some form of gain. Some examples of public sector corruption include providing services to family and friends ahead of other members of the community, misusing information to help a particular company win a contract or accepting bribes or other benefits. Our integrity system also consists of integrity agencies such as IBAC, the Victorian Ombudsman and the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office.

Who are the Victorian integrity agencies, what do they do and what complaints can they deal with?

The Local Government Inspectorate

The Inspectorate investigates matters related to council operations including criminal offences involving councillors, senior council officers or any person subject to the conflict of interest provisions of the Local Government Act 2020.

The Victorian Ombudsman

The Ombudsman investigates the actions, decisions or conduct of public sector organisations and their staff. It also looks at whether a public sector organisation has acted in accordance with the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)

IBAC is responsible for exposing and preventing corrupt conduct in the public sector. It deals with serious corruption and misconduct in:

  • state government departments and agencies
  • Victoria Police
  • members of parliament
  • judges and magistrates
  • council employees and councillors.