Scope of review

In early 2022, we started a project to identify the key documentation councils were required to have in place and measure the success of each of the 79 councils’ in meeting those requirements.

The full scope of the project was to:

  1. identify which of the new and amended policies required under the Act we should review
  2. request that all 79 councils provide the Inspectorate with a copy of the policies covered by our review
  3. test that each of the requested policies was adopted prior to, or on the date required by the Act
  4. randomly sample a range of requested policies to ensure they were compliant with the legislation
  5. publish a selection of example policies on the Inspectorate’s website so they can be used as a resource for councils to compare their own policies against.1


1 The selected policies were not necessarily best-practice policies but were a cross-section of compliant policies that had the characteristics of a good policy.