Sample policies for self assessment

We have identified a number of policies which suitably meet the requirements of the Act and have published them on our website as a resource to help councils. We included these policies as we consider them to be of value to councils wishing to carry out a self-assessment of their own policies by comparing them to the policies we have selected.

We chose several examples for each topic to provide a good cross section for comparison. These sample council policies can be found on our website in the ‘Resources for councils’ section.

The policies identified are:

  • Council expense policy
  • Gift policy
  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  • Complaints policy
  • Procurement policy
  • Community engagement policy
  • Public transparency policy
  • Governance rules.


9. Councils should benchmark their own policies by comparing them with policies published on our website. this can be done by visiting the

Inspectorate’s website to review the sample policies from the cross section of policies published.