Appendix A

Appendix A contains examples of where councils have clearly set out key information about policies, such as approval date, review date and who is responsible for the policy.

The following are examples of where councils have clearly set out key information about policies, such as approval date, review date and who is responsible for the policy.

City of Port Phillip

Table titled policy governance which lists responsible department, adoption authorised, date of adoption, date effective from, content manager folder and number, who is endorsed to make or approve amendments, annual review date, review date, completion date, version number, stakeholder review and engagement, relevant legislation, associated strategic direction.
City of Port Phillip

Policy Governance

Responsible Service/Department: Construction, Contracts and Operations Department

Adoption authorised: Council

Date of adoption: 1 December 2021

Date effective from: 1 January 2022

Content Manager folder: Council Policy / Procurement Policy

Content Manager file #: Doc ID 5639328

Endorsed CEO or ELT member or department manager to make or approve document editorial amendments: Chief Executive Officer

Annual desktop review date: January 2023

Review date: In accordance with section 108(5) of the Local Government Act 2020, Council must review the procurement policy at least once during each four-year term of the Council.

Completion date: Not applicable.

Version number: Six.

Stakeholder review and engagement: Environmental Sustainability and Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Relevant Legislation: Local Government Act 2020

Associated Strategic Direction #: Strategic Direction 5 – Well Governed.

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Northern Grampians Shire Council

Two images. First images lists the responsible director, responsible officer, functional area, date adopted by council and review date. Second image is a table which lists the review history, detailing the date, review details and action taken.
Northern Grampians Shire Council


Council Policy

Responsible director: Director Corporate and Community Services

Responsible officer: Manager Financial Services

Functional area: Financial Services

Date adopted by Council: 6 December 2021 Review date: July 2022

Review history
Date Review details Action
7 November, 2013 Aligned to new format and updated to include information based on the Victorian Local Government Best Practice Guidelines 2013 and MAV Model Procurement Policy (Updated).

Presented to Audit Committee 12 November, 2013; Presented to Council Briefing 18 November, 2013; Presented to Council Meeting 2 December, 2013

18 November 2014 Increase the threshold levels that have remained constant for many years to recognise inflationary increases in costs. Presented to Audit Committee 25 November, 2014; Presented to Council Briefing 23 November, 2014; Presented to Council Meeting 1 December, 2014
4 November 2015 Altered the review process of the policy to incorporate this statement, “If the policy is deemed to require only minor changes then the review process is to inform Councillors through the Councillor Bulletin. Significant alterations to the policy will require the Council to adopt the changes.” Submitted to the Councillor Bulletin on 4 November, 2015
29 June 2017 Aligned to new format and forwarded to civic support to include in next Councillor Bulletin Submitted to the Councillor Bulletin on 29 June, 2017
22 August 2018 New threshold limits:
Threshold limit for going to public tender separated into 2 different dollar values being: 1. $125,001 and above relating to contracts for the purchase of goods and services 2. $170,001 and above relating to contracts for the carrying out of works
Amended all NGSC thresholds from GST inclusive to GST exclusive.
Included an additional section under thresholds in relation to information on compliance with the policy.
Presented to Audit Committee 5 September 2018; Presented to Council Meeting 1 October 2018

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Towong Shire Council

Image shows a page with a table listing responsible officer, key result area, document type, reference, who reviewed it, who approved it, date approved, date of next review and date printed. There is then some general information about what an Audit and Risk Committee is and how it was established.
Towong Shire Council

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Responsible officer: Director Corporate and Organisational Development

Key Result Area: Organisational Improvement

Document type: Charter

Reference: 07/07/0010

Reviewed by: Audit and Risk Committee

Approved by: Council

Date approved: 1 September 2020

Date of next review: July 2021

Date printed 21 September 2020

The Audit and Risk Committee is an independent advisory Committee to Council. The primary objective of the Audit and Risk Committee is to assist Council in the effective conduct of its responsibilities for financial reporting, management of risk, maintaining a reliable system of internal controls and facilitating the organisation’s ethical development.

The Audit and Risk Committee is established to assist the co-ordination of relevant activities of management, the internal audit function and the external auditor to facilitate achieving overall organisational objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

As part of Council’s governance obligations to its community, Council has constituted an Audit and Risk Committee to facilitate:

  • the enhancement of the credibility and objectivity of internal and external financial reporting;
  • effective management of financial and other risks and the protection of Council assets;
  • compliance with laws and regulations as well as use of best practice guidelines;
  • the effectiveness of the internal audit function;
  • the provision of an effective means of communication between the external auditor, internal audit, management and the Council.
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Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Table shows policy title, date of adoption, adoption method, CEO signature, responsible officer and unit, nominated review period, last review date, next endorsement date, purpose or objective, background reasons for policy definitions and references.
Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Policy title: Chief Executive Officer Employment and Remuneration Policy

Date of Adoption: 15 December 2021

Adoption method: Council

CEO signature and date

Respsonsible Officer and Unit: Interim Executive Manager People, Culture and Performance

Nominated review period: Every 4 years

Last review date: Not applicable - new policy

Next endorsement date: Within 12 months of the 2024 council election

Purpose/Objective: Establish a governance framework and provide guidance/direction on the employment cycle of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) including recruitment, performance, remuneration, and end of contract processes.

Background/Reasons for policy: Compliance with Section 45 of the Local Government Act


  • CEO - Chief executive officer
  • Council - Macedon Ranges Shire Council
  • Councillor - The individuals holding the office of a member of the Macedon Shire Ranges Council (including the Mayor)
  • The Act - Local Government Act 2020
  • The CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee - Responsibility for the recruitment of the CEO, determining the CEO's performance plan, assessing the CEO's performance against the plan and determining the remuneration of the CEO


  • Victorian Government Public Sector Commission Policy on Executive Remuneration in Public Entities 2020
  • Protecting integrity: Leading the way - Managing the Employment Cycle of a CEO, Local Government Inspectorate (Feb 2019)
  • Victorian Government Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines July 2020

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Indigo Shire Council

First image shows table that lists version number, file number, approval date, directorate, department, responsible officer, next review date, document management number, and related records. A second image shows date policy was adopted.
Indigo Shire Council

Version number: 2021

TRIM file number: INTERNAL20/8562

Approval date: 21 February 2021

Approved by: Council Resolution

Directorate: People and Governance

Department: Govenance and Risk

Responsible officer: Senior Governance Advisor

Next review date: February 2025

Reliansys Obligation number: 4088

Related records:

  • Gifts and Hospitality Policy (INTERNAL12/1354)
  • Local Government Act 2020
  • In the Public Interest: A Conflict of Interest Guide
  • Communications Policy (INTERNAL14/381)
  • Child Safe Policy (INTERNAL 17/116)


This Code of Conduct was adopted by the Council at the Council Meeting held on 23 February 2021, in accordance with Section 139(5) of the Local Government Act 2020.

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Alpine Shire Council

Two pages show two tables on the first page. First table lists document control and says document is uncontrolled when printed. Second table is a revision record with the date version number and description of what was changed. Second page is approval signatures and dates.
Alpine Shire Council

Alpine Shire Council - Council Policy

Document uncontrolled when printed

Document control

Policy number - 076

Status - Adopted

Approved by - Council

Date approved - 25 August 2020

Next review date - August 2024

Directorate - Corporate

Department - Corporate


Revision record

Manadatory - Use 1.0, 2.0 for adopted / approved versions for 1.1, 1.2 for drafts of revisions without change.

Date Version Revision description
02/6/2009 0.01 Draft version
01/09/2009 1.00 Adopted Version 1
06/08/2013 2.00

Version 2

Reviewed and revised after council general election 27/10/2012

Tabled and adopted with amendments at Ordinary Council Meeting M10 06/08/13

03/09/2013 2.01

Adopted Version 2.01

Includes amendments made by Council of 06/08/2013

Signed and sealed by councillors 03/09/13

05/06/2018 3.0

Adopted Version 3.0

Includes amendments to mayor and counicllor vehicles and reporting requirements.

Signed and sealed by councillors 05/06/2018

4/6/2019 4.0

Adoped Version 4.0

Typographical amendments. Extension of next review date.

25/8/2020 5.0

Apolted Version 5.0

Update to alight with requirements of Local Government Act 2020.

9. Approval

The Common Seal of the Alpine Shire Council was hereunto affixed this 25 days of August 2020 in the presence of:

Councillor name, Signature

Councillor name, Signature

Chief executive officer, Signature

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