Release of the IBAC Operation Sandon Special Report into the City of Casey

The Local Government Inspectorate welcomes the release of the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission’s (IBAC) Operation Sandon Special Report.

The findings of IBAC’s Operation Sandon investigation have been long awaited and we welcome the recommendations made around improving council governance and transparency in decision making.

The LGI has already commenced work on reviewing the efficacy of the Councillor Conduct Framework introduced by the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) and managed by the Principal Councillor Conduct Registrar’s Office.

The work we are undertaking around reviewing how the existing councillor conduct framework can be enhanced to help CEOs and councillors address behavioural standards and managing conflict of interests can be fed into the implementation of IBAC’s recommendations, should they be accepted by the Government.

Adopting a minimum standard for councillor behaviour and the operation of council meetings across the State through standard codes and rules, along with broader penalties for breaching the Act to deter misconduct and increase accountability for individual councillors would, the LGI believes, help address many of the issues it finds through its investigation work.

Many of the complaints we receive relate to councillor conduct and behaviour. Any action to clarify expectations as to how councillors need to behave and operate, along with strengthening the penalty framework for misconduct would be part of the solution of strengthening good governance across the sector.

We would also welcome the opportunity to be involved in the recommended Taskforce[1] should the Government wish to implement this recommendation.


[1] As stated in the Operation Sandon Special Report: Recommendation 1 - IBAC recommends that the Premier establish an Implementation Inter-departmental Taskforce.