What to expect when we interview you

The Inspectorate has also published 2 new fact sheets to let people know what to expect when we interview them. It is part of our plan to improve the way we deal with witnesses or persons of interest.

In the first half of 2022, we formalised our practices in relation to welfare in a public available Witness Welfare Policy and internal guidelines. The guidelines and policy set out how we will support the welfare, including physical health, mental health, wellbeing, and safety, of all people we deal with in the course of our work.

The new fact sheets aim to give more information to people who volunteer or are compelled to appear before us in an interview.

Interviews – Information for witnesses and Interviews – Information for persons of interest set out:

  • what to expect
  • who to bring with you
  • what to bring with you
  • where the interview will take place
  • where you can get further support.

The new fact sheets and Witness Welfare Policy can be found on our website.