New fact sheets for the public

The Inspectorate has published 2 new fact sheets for the public. The new fact sheets aim to help the public understand the legal rules behind 2 complex processes.

Standing down a councillor

We are often asked if we will stand a councillor down while we are investigating a particular matter. However, we cannot stand a councillor down simply due to allegations that may or may not be proven.

A councillor is elected to represent their community so they can only be stood down in very serious circumstances. It is not done lightly.

The Local Government Act 2020 sets out 2 different pathways to stand down a Victorian councillor. It can be done through Ministerial intervention or through an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The 2 pathways are explained in our fact sheet – Standing down a councillor.

Public interest complaints

When you submit a complaint with us, we will ask you if you want your complaint assessed as a ‘public interest complaint’.

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 ensures that if you report improper conduct and corruption in the local government sector, you can do so knowing that you will be protected.

We have published a fact sheet with more information about what a public interest disclosure is and how your compliant is treated if you choose to have it assessed as a public interest complaint.

The fact sheet on public interest disclosures is available on our website.

More resources for the public

These 2 fact sheets are some of the resources for the public we now have available on our website. You can also find fact sheets on our powers and responsibilities, local council complaints and more.

CMI Michael Stefanovic said: “The fact sheets and information on our website aim to give the public more information about our work and to help demystify the legal framework we operate in. We hope this information in plain English helps potential complainants understand our work and the laws we must work under.”