Social media influences rise in election complaints

We anticipated the pandemic would reduce the number of council election complaints in 2020 - instead there was a significant rise in complaints related to online material.

LGI authorised candidate post Example of an authorised candidate post

During the election period, we received more than 220 complaints related to online or electronic material (such as social media, website or email).

Although the official election period ended on 25 October, we continue to receive and accept election-related complaints. However, we can no longer accept complaints related to pre-election matters such as incorrect social media authorisations or campaign signage.

Many recent enquiries have involved campaign donation returns. All councils (except those who did not hold elections) were due to publish a summary of campaign donations on their website by 17 December 2020.

We are compiling a full elections report which will be presented to the Attorney-General and Minister for Local Government before being made public.