Annual report data reveals highest complaints for a non-election year

The Local Government Inspectorate’s Annual Report 2018/19 provides information on our progress in strengthening the integrity, accountability and transparency of local government in Victoria.

The Inspectorate received and assessed 421 complaints over the year, the highest number of complaints for a non-election year and continues the trend of an 11% annual increase calculated across the 2016-20 council term.

One major project for the year focused on reviewing and reporting on the unique employer/employee relationship between a CEO and councillors. This work highlighted cases where either the employer, the employee or a combination had failed their local community and their organisation. The report was referenced across our state and in other jurisdictions.

As part of governance examination work to assess and help improve council operations, the Inspectorate worked with and at many smaller regional councils, delivering excellent outcomes to assist in their delivery of contemporary council governance.

Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf said: “Over the past year, other states and territories have shown increasing interest in replicating the Inspectorate model as a stand-alone investigative and compliance auditor in their jurisdictions.”

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