Managing the employment cycle of a council CEO

Recent investigations and events have focused our attention on the unique employer/employee relationship between a CEO and councillors.

06/02/19 5.21am

Council CEOs are, by virtue of leading a public entity, visible and accessible with high levels of accountability to elected councillors, the community and the council as a business.

The Local Government Inspectorate has published a new report, Protecting integrity: leading the way – Managing the employment cycle of a council CEO, which includes views from across the sector and recommendations for improvements to legislation, policies or processes that would enhance future management of the CEO employment cycle.

In case studies reviewed for the report, there were either adverse outcomes for the CEO, adverse outcomes for the councillors, or significant challenges for the council as an organisation.

Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf said the common factor in those cases was the cost of the outcome, which was ultimately borne by the community.

'With the cost to community in mind, the purpose of this review was to seek views from across the sector to assist in defining the issues and then identify where improvements to legislation, policies or processes could reduce the instances of adverse outcomes,' he said.

Visit our Reports page to view and download the report.

Reviewed 09 December 2019

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