Proactive work

Governance examinations

The Inspectorate conducts both council-specific governance examinations and broad reviews of systemic or thematic issues identified during council visits, investigations or feedback from the sector or the general community. Examinations and audits of council governance arrangements are a key proactive function of the Inspectorate in assessing the effectiveness of councils’ risk management and governance processes.

The objective of this function is to ensure council operating procedures are compliant with relevant legislation and avoid breaches of the Act. The governance arrangements and operations of three councils were examined during the financial year resulting in specific reports to each organisation setting out the scope and findings of the work. A total of 42 recommendations were made in the course of this work, with one report and accompanying recommendations yet to be finalised.

Case study: governance examinations

Thematic reviews

Thematic or systemic issue reviews are a function of the Inspectorate to assess a theme or issues that affect the entire sector and draw on cases, information and/or intelligence from across the state. The primary objective of this work is to guide or change individual, organisational or sector behaviour to deliver better outcomes for the community. Often this results in the identification of policy or legislative reform.

Case study:CEO employment cycle report