Key issues simplified in new fact sheets

The Inspectorate has released new fact sheets to help councils and councillors improve their compliance with the Local Government Act 2020. The fact sheets are part of a range of resources for councils, which are available on our website and give practical advice for councils, councillors and governance staff.

The fact sheets are simple explainers of often complex processes and legislation. They are available to download and print out or read online.

The new fact sheets cover the following topics:

Recent feedback from council governance staff, CEOs and councillors – during informal discussions, at council briefings and through our online survey – has called for clear guidance and information.

Our advice and information is in addition to the guidance material being provided or in development by Local Government Victoria. It is based on information we have received and issues we have observed during our investigations and examinations.

Our staff are regularly asked for information on topics such as what comprises a conflict of interest under the Act; how we conduct investigations or governance examinations; and when personal interest disclosures need to be made.

The fact sheets aim to answer some of those questions and assisting complainants, councils, the community and the media in understanding our work and key aspects of legislation.

In addition to the fact sheets, we have also provided other information, including summaries of our reports so they are more accessible to councillors, council staff and the community.

Our report summaries so far include:

Our website also contains other resources such as case studies, best-practice council policies and trends in examination trends.

We aim to increase the number of materials in the coming months. If you have any suggestions for additional resources, please get in touch.

View all our fact sheets and report summaries.