Human Resources management

Human resource management at council is about managing and maximising the performance and efficiency of the workforce. Effective systems lead to strong recruitment practices that promote development and productivity of council staff.

CEO/Senior Officer contract and performance reviews

The successful management of human resources is one of the key pillars of councils supporting a harmonious and productive workforce. A key element is the provision of consistent and timely staff performance reviews.

Council currently has three senior officers. Each has been employed on a fixed term contract for a period not exceeding five years, with council advertising the roles in accordance with requirements.

A review of each contract identified that the performance criteria was correctly included in schedule 2 for the most recently contracted employee, however one of the contracts did not include schedule 2 in the contract. The other contract stated that the performance criteria was ‘to be developed’.


  • Council should ensure that all future Senior Officer contracts, under the current legislation, must have specific performance criteria at the point of execution, otherwise it may void the contract.