Retirement of council candidates from 2016 elections

Frankston and East Gippsland candidates retired from 2016 elections.

Thursday, 20 October 2016 at 11:22 pm

Two candidates were retired from the 2016 Victorian council elections as a result of Inspectorate enquiries and criminal records searches.

Once the nomination period for candidates closed on 20 September, the Inspectorate assessed a sample of candidates to ensure they met the requirements of the Local Government Act 1989.

As a result of the review, an East Gippsland candidate and Frankston candidate were retired from their respective ballots. Inspectorate enquiries revealed the two candidates were not eligible for the election after making false declarations about their qualification to become councillors (as covered under Section 29 of the Act).

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) placed a public notice in a newspaper in the relevant electoral areas advising voters of the decision to remove those candidates from council elections.

The removal of these candidates was essential to protect the integrity of the local council elections.