Misuse of Lord Mayor election ballot papers investigated

Wednesday, 4 July 2018 at 12:56 am

The Local Government Inspectorate is the integrity agency for local government in Victoria and investigates breaches of the Local Government Act 1989, including electoral matters.

The Inspectorate is investigating the potential misuse of ballot papers related to the Melbourne Lord Mayor election.

Recent media reports have suggested the result in the Lord Mayor election may be challenged, owing to alleged incidents of misuse of ballot papers by real estate agents and property managers.

Under the Local Government Act, a candidate or other qualified person who wishes to dispute an election result must apply for an inquiry into the election within 14 days of the result being declared.

The election outcome, and potential changes to the electoral rules, are not part of the Inspectorate's investigation.

Further information on the matter will be made available when the investigation has concluded.

Quotes can be attributed to Acting Chief Municipal Inspector Ross Millard.

Media enquiries

Media outlets can contact Steve Pogonowski, Senior Communications Adviser: