Inspectorate recommends Monitor at Frankston City Council

Chief Municipal Inspector writes to Minister recommending monitor for Frankston Council.

Monday, 11 September 2017 at 4:38 am

Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf has recently written to the Minister for Local Government, Hon Natalie Hutchins, raising concerns about the functioning of Frankston City Council and their ability to provide good governance for the community.

The Inspectorate has received several recent complaints related to Frankston City Council.

Mr Wolf said: “Many of the issues raised are matters for council to consider as part of their code of conduct but there are additional matters that may require examination by my office.”

“Recent public meetings of council have raised further concerns about the focus and provision of leadership by council to the community,” he said.

“On this basis, I have recommended to the Minister the appointment of a Monitor, pursuant to section 223CA of the Local Government Act 1989, to ensure the leadership, good governance and business of council is conducted within the requirements of the law and at the standard expected by the community.”

The Inspectorate does not provide comment on specific complaints or matters under investigation. The Inspectorate’s processes in respect to Frankston City Council will continue through this period.